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When you think of a vending machine, the chances are you imagine slipping some spare change into a slot in exchange for your favorite snack. But modern technology now makes it possible to get yourself a different type of pick-me-up any time you want. Enter VVM’s wide selection of cannabis vending machines for sale!
The new technology is revolutionizing the legal marijuana market by making products far more accessible. Read on to discover how these new machines can benefit both business owners and their customers far and wide.

Short Summary

Cannabis vending machines are opening up today's market for various capacities toboost passive income.

A cannabis vending machine offers a creative solution to streamline CBD and marijuana sales.

There are several big factors to consider before purchasing a cannabis vending machine, including inventory and regulatory requirements.

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Short Summary

Machine Works

Understandably, the main difference between a weed vending machine and the standard snack machine is the product. They need advanced features to verify customer information before completing the transaction. That’s why all our cannabis vending machines for sale will integrate cutting-edge technology to help your customer complete a purchase in a few simple steps.
Age-Confirming Technology
Every cannabis vending machine includes innovative features to accurately confirm customer identification. The machine will request an ID scan and then use facial recognition technology to match the face and ID in less than 15 seconds.
Simplified Transactions
Once the machine confirms your age, it gets ready to vend your product. You’ll see a wide selection of items on the touch screen that you can select and add to your cart. The vending machine also accepts various payment methods so that you can complete the transaction.
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Benefits of Installing a Cannabis

Cannabis Vending Machine

Cannabis and CBD vending machines are rapidly expanding the current market and making these in-demand items more accessible. These machines are the solution that many customers need if they can’t visit a cannabis dispensary or need quick delivery. Adding this convenient machine to your business premises or an event site can be extremely effective, both for you and for each customer that uses it.

The Ability to Deliver Cannabis Quickly

The technological capacity of each vending machine means that customers get the product they want within seconds. With such fast delivery, you’ll quickly establish loyal customers who turn to your cannabis vending machine instead of visiting a cannabis dispensary.
Best of all, these machines automate and have the capacity to work without a WiFi connection. You won’t be downloading outside applications to create this stream of passive income every week when you’re serving remote locations, high-traffic festivals, or street fairs. You can just sell CBD and cannabis products as needed.

Customized Experience

Why not create your own sales plan with cannabis vending machines? Say you want to use this newly developed technology to sell cannabis products after hours since some states prohibit a store from selling CBD after a certain time. The cannabis vending machine provides a solution since it doesn’t require extra labor or an overnight shift.
For those who can’t check out a dispensary and want to buy CBD, cannabis, and similar products, a vending machine is gold.

What To Consider Before Buying Cannabis

Vending Machines for Sale

While there are plenty of benefits that come with the installation of a cannabis vending machine, you can’t overlook the legal and
stock-related issues before you purchase one.

Settle All Legal Matters

Depending on where you plan to install your cannabis vending machine, you’ll need to research all local regulations before selling CBD or marijuana. The machine must abide by these rules, including the legal drug capacity of cannabis products and the age verification of all customers.

Establish Product Inventory

Are you only planning to sell pre-rolled joints or vape cartridges? Local trends could help you discover popular products with customers who might use your machine. For example, you may find that certain CBD products are a hit or that edibles are the top seller.
Once you know the prices of these top products and how well you can keep up with your inventory, you can create a strategy to sell these products accordingly.

In Summary:

Invest in a Cannabis Vending Machine Today

Take advantage of VVM’s cannabis vending machines for sale, create a business strategy, and expect to see your sales soar! Don’t miss this opportunity—contact us at (561) 933-4862 today or submit our convenient online form to learn more about our vending machines.
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