Wall Mounted
Vape Vending
Machines For Sale.

Wall Mounted
Vape Vending
Machines For Sale.

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Brand New Digital LED Wall Mount Machines

Comes in White or Black​

Slightly Used Digital Wall Mount Machines

Comes in White or Black

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Machine Accessories

Custom Wraps, Stands, & More



/Benefits Of Vape Vending Machines.

As with any vending machine, our vape vending machines for sale offer a number of benefits for property owners and managers. In addition to increased passive income, vape vending machines provide benefits such as:

Boosted Employee Culture Among Employees Who Vape

Increased Customer Engagement

Convenience Factor for Customers



If so, you’ve probably considered ways to improve the practicality of your space. If you’re interested in using frequently-populated areas of your property to increase guest convenience and boost your property’s passive revenue generation, vape vending machines may provide an affordable solution.

More popular than ever, more trendy new vape products hit stores, gas stations, and the market every day. If your commercial property allows on-property vaping, our team has quality vape vending machines available that will cater to the convenience of your workforce or guests. We can also help you learn how to make sure you know the right laws in your state for having this vending machine. These machines can also be used for cigarettes.

To learn more about vape vending machines and other ways to increase passive income using your property’s spaces, keep reading or call us today.








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Earn Passive Income

You can start making money quickly when you work with us. Whether you have experience in the e-cigarette vending machine business or not, It can be simple to get started with your customers.

Machine Backend Management

We will handle all of the backend inventory for you, plus much more for your vending machines.

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Yes, all of our machines are able to come with age verification, for an additional cost.

Our digital wall mounted vending machines range anywhere starting at around $2,995 up to $6,995.

Vape refers to an electronic cigarette or also called vape pens. These e-cigarettes come in a wide variety of makes and models, from realistic-looking cigarette shapes to colored boxes with decorative glass tanks. Manufacturers make single or limited-use vape devices and vape cartridges in countless flavors, some of which have become very popular with frequent vape users. Vapes come in varying nicotine strengths, from no-to-low nicotine to extra strength. Depending on the manufacturer’s capabilities, different vape products may offer a more limited range of nicotine strengths.

Since vapes themselves are relatively new, not like regular cigarettes, many property owners may have many questions regarding vape vending machines. They also would like to know about the vending machine maintenance cost that is involved with them.

As mentioned above, vape systems come in various styles, colors, shapes, sizes, capacities, strengths, and flavors. You may notice single-cartridge, one-use systems, or refillable devices that offer exchangeable “tanks.”

When you use a vape vending machine on your commercial property, pay attention to which vape devices sell out the most frequently. When designing your vape machine layout in the future, keep these popular choices in mind.