CBD Vending Machines Fore Sale!

The legal cannabis market is constantly expanding as retailers pin down new ways to sell CBD products to those who need them. VVM’s latest solution is perfect for sellers and their customers: the CBD vending machine!
Our selection of CBD vending machines for sale harnesses cutting-edge technology so you can sell to age-appropriate customers and automate each purchase. If you want an effortless flow of passive income, why not explore the benefits of a CBD or legal cannabis vending machine from VVM?
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How Does a CBD or Cannabis Vending

Machine Work?

How can people legally purchase CBD oils or cannabis products through a machine? Our CBD vending options, such as the Magic Baby and Magic Hour Touch, make things easy. The sales comply with local laws and regulations on age-restricted purchases and more.
This modern CBD vending machine will take customers over the legal age through the following steps to sell your CBD products:

Step 1: The Magic Baby and similar machines create an easy solution to vend cannabis and CBD products to countless customers. First, these machines will request identity proof to confirm the person’s age and use facial recognition technology.

Step 2: Those looking for a convenient access point will love these options. All they need to do is select a product, pay, and then enjoy!

Step 3: Your customers can then complete the transaction with a credit or debit card. Ask us about phone and chip payment capacity too!

why invest in a

CBD Vending Machine

This automated mechanism gives any entity the ability to sell legal cannabis, edibles, CBD oils, and more. Your customer won’t have to visit a dispensary, so cannabis vending machines also benefit the customer! So, it’s a fast, easy approach for your company to expand its sales.

Works In Any Location Around the Clock

Say a concert venue installs a few cannabis vending machines. Simply installing one or two cannabis vending machines against a wall invites passive income. It doesn’t require a WiFi connection, so customers can choose what they want with a few touches on the screen day or night, any day of the week.

Works Independently for Fuss-free Selling

The machine can verify all of the information it needs and accept legitimate payment without supervision. Plus, each of our CBD vending machines for sale comes with customized settings all ready to go. You don’t have to download applications or fuss over settings.

Tips For Operating a Successful

CBD Vending Machine

There’s no doubt that revolutionary cannabis vending machines create a great way to earn extra money and appeal to the masses.
But how can you guarantee a successful investment? Our VVM experts recommend the following:

Take Advantage of High-Traffic Areas For Accessibility

Placing your vending machine where there isn’t a nearby store selling CBD products is an excellent strategy. However, it’s always better to put the machine along the wall in a high-traffic area, such as a shopping mall, concert venue, or convenience store. Leveraging bustling areas grants you access to a much wider range of customers.

Research Popular Products and Stock the Machine Accordingly

The cannabis market constantly evolves, with new products available all the time. Start off with a machine featuring an array of products, but be sure to create a customized sales plan as you get to know your target market. 
Which products sell quicker than others? Use this information to learn more about your average customer. Then, stock your exciting new machine with gummies, oil, or other items they can’t get enough of.

SUMMARY: What To Consider Before Buying a

CBD Vending Machine

Before you can start reaping the benefits of a CBD vending machine, consider the following important factors:


Get to know your customer and give them the CBD products they want.


Put the machines in high-traffic locations for easy access.


Check local regulations and age requirements to ensure compliance.


Match the size of the vending machine to maximize limited space, but remember that a bigger machine gives you a larger product capacity.
How often products sell will determine when you need to restock.
Why not let VVM chip in with the latest CBD vending machine solution? Ask us for a quote today!

Choose Your

Cannabis Vending Machine tODAY!

If you want to take advantage of all that an innovative cannabis vending machine has to offer and boost your business, now is the time. Explore our range of cannabis and CBD vending machines for sale, and get ready to watch your turnover skyrocket! Contact VVM at (561) 933-4862 today or submit our convenient online form for additional information.