Coin Pusher machine with BONUS HOLE Feature Results in 20% more play

This machine has a special “bonus hole” that is in the playing field and builds up a special bonus of $15 worth of quarters over a period of time. Also known as Quarter pushers, these machines can add an additional, low maintenance, revenue stream to your business.

Get ready for queues of eager participants and a bustling arcade atmosphere, as everyone clamors for their chance to win big with the Bonus Hole feature. Don’t miss out on this proven revenue booster that keeps players coming back for more!

Short Summary

Great for: convenience stores, arcades, truck stops, gas stations, Machine is attractive, well designed.

This Machine has a double cabinet construction to prevent vibrations from being transferred to the coin shelf.

Designed to push prizes, as well as, coins. (ex. Watches, Knives, Keychain, Jewelry, etc.) Tamper Resistant Construction Theft Resistant Prize Bin.

A Great Redemption

Coin Pusher Machine

Coin pusher machines are a staple in the world of arcade gaming, offering a delightful blend of luck and strategy that captivates players of all ages.

Our coin pushers are meticulously designed to ensure a fair, enjoyable experience with every play. As coins are inserted, the mechanical shelf shifts back and forth, urging the pile of coins tantalizingly closer to the edge. The excitement peaks when coins accumulate and create a domino effect, leading to a satisfying drop and potential bonus rewards if your machine is equipped with special features like the Bonus Hole. 

This simple yet compelling mechanism ensures that the coin pusher machine remains a beloved and profitable centerpiece in any gaming venue.

Machine Features:
  1. Bonus Hole Feature: When coins fall into the Bonus Hole, they trigger a special payout or a cascade of additional coins, amplifying the thrill and drawing a crowd.
  2. High-Quality Construction: Crafted with durability, top-grade materials and components to withstand the rigors of heavy use, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.
  3. Advanced Coin Mechanism: Equipped with a sophisticated, jam-resistant coin entry system, minimizing downtime and maintenance needs.
  4. Attractive LED Lighting: The machine boasts vibrant, energy-efficient LED lighting that creates an inviting ambiance.
  5. Customizable Sound Effects: With a built-in sound system, our coin pusher machines feature customizable sound effects that celebrate wins.
  6. Adjustable Payout Settings: Operators have full control over the payout rate with easy-to-adjust settings.
Redemption Options:
  1. Coin Rewards: Players can receive immediate coin payouts from coins that are pushed over the edge.
  2. Ticket Dispensing: For venues with prize counters, our machines can be equipped with ticket dispensers, awarding players with redeemable tickets based on the number of coins they successfully push over the edge.
  3. Bonus Prizes: The Bonus Hole feature and other special game triggers can award bonus tokens or tickets, providing an extra layer of excitement and the opportunity for bigger rewards.
  4. Customizable Prizes: Operators have the flexibility to include physical prizes within the playfield, such as small toys or gift certificates.
  5. Point Accumulation System: Some venues may opt for a digital points system, where players earn points that can be saved and accumulated on a membership card or account, redeemable for prizes at the player’s convenience.

Benefits of Installing

Coin Pusher Machines

Passive Income: Our Coin pushers for sale can generate a steady stream of income without requiring constant attention or labor, making them an ideal passive income source.
Increase Foot Traffic: Coin pushers can make your space a destination for entertainment, increasing overall foot traffic which may lead to additional sales in other areas of your business.
Space Efficiency: Coin pusher machines typically have a small footprint, allowing them to be placed in a variety of locations without taking up much space.
Fun and Engaging: Coin pushers can enhance the customer experience by providing a fun and engaging activity that can lead to increased customer satisfaction and retention.

Start earning more with this superb coin pusher today!

Don’t let your space go underutilized when it could be generating excitement and revenue! Our top-of-the-line Coin Pusher Machine for sale is the perfect addition to any arcade, family entertainment center, or gaming venue. With its captivating lights, engaging gameplay, and robust construction, it’s designed to draw in a crowd and keep them coming back for more. The low maintenance and easy-to-service design ensure that the fun never stops, while the customizable payout options offer endless excitement for your customers.

Easy To Operate

Our coin pusher machines are engineered not only for player enjoyment but also for ease of operation, ensuring that maintenance is a hassle-free process. The thoughtful design includes strategically placed access panels that allow for quick entry into the machine’s interior. This facilitates routine servicing, such as clearing coin jams, cleaning the playfield, and performing any necessary adjustments with efficiency and ease.

The composition of the

Bonus Hole coin pusher

The Bonus Hole Coin Pusher combines classic coin-pushing fun with an exhilarating twist. This machine features a strategically placed bonus hole that, when triggered by a falling coin, dispenses additional coins or prizes, ramping up the excitement.

The dynamic cursor, a key feature of our machine, awaits the player’s precise coin drop. Should their coin strike it upon entry, it activates the vibrant fruit panel to spin, offering the chance for bonus coins to be won.

The second key zone is the coin staging area, where precision can make all the difference. Coins that land atop others won’t push the front line over the edge.  It’s the strategic placement that nudges these coins, creating the domino effect necessary to push the layered coins over the edge and into the winning bin.

The third feature is the tricky side slots, where the sound of coins clinking can be misleading. When coins are nudged forward, those that fall to the sides make a lot of noise, but don’t get too excited—they drop into the side slots and are not collected as winnings. It’s the coins that are skillfully pushed from the center that count as your earnings.

In Summary:

Invest in a Bonus Hole
coin pusher Today

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